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Data capture & ML consulting services to map out the way to a custom

One of the world’s most trusted providers of information, helping professionals make confident decisions and run better businesses. Their customers operate in complex arenas – law, tax, compliance, government, and media – and face increasing complexity as regulation and technology disrupts every industry.

Their critical business processes were in need of an urgent data technology migration. They were facing
• challenges around data redundancy and data duplication, leading to data reporting errors.
• frequent data backup downtime was impacting operational efficiencies.

Processing System

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  • Step 01
  • Step 02
  • Step 03
  • Step 04

Step1: Define the problem:

Differentiate fact from opinion.
Specify underlying causes.
Consult each faction involved for information.
State the problem specifically.
Identify what standard or expectation is violated.
Determine in which process the problem lies.
Avoid trying to solve the problem without data.

Step2: Generate solutions:

Postpone evaluating alternatives initially
Include all involved individuals in the generating of alternatives
Specify alternatives consistent with organizational goals
Specify short- and long-term alternatives
Brainstorm on others’ ideas
Seek alternatives that may solve the problem.

Step3: Evaluate:

Evaluate alternative relative to a target standard
Evaluate all alternatives without bias
Evaluate alternatives relative to established goals
Evaluate both proven and possible outcomes
State the selected alternative explicitly.

Step4: Implement:

Plan and implement a pilot test of the chosen alternative
Gather feedback from all affected parties
Seek acceptance or consensus by all those affected
Establish ongoing measures and monitoring
Evaluate long-term results based on a final solution.

Our Result

DataGridz was associated on their Data reporting challenges, due to separation of demerger of one of their business units. The task was around Data Carving from databases, Users as well as Tableau reports.
Post data carving customer could able to separate the organizations data. Both the organization cloud able to separate smoothly without any issues. This helps the organization to define the roles, operational work tasks and business goals. In the joint organization tasks were redundant both at business as well as tasks.