In the dynamic and demanding market for telcos, multiple propositions are getting reached out to the end customers. The customer could be a candidate for a bad debt in certain situations for a postpaid telco operator. This brings in a worry for collections and credit team. There is a need for accurate credit risk scoring solution to identify such customers and create innovative & restrictive mechanisms by the collections and credit teams so that the revenue leakage is minimized.


dataGridz Credit Risk Management solution is an Al driven end to end solution


:: Predicting revenue leakeages and supporting corrective actions by collections and lending teams leading to uplift collections revenues.
:: Opportunities for upsell Lesser riskier customers can be presented with upsell offers leading to higher effective upsell.
:: Automated solution across different service lines of telcos — Billing, VAS, International, Roaming and Credit transfer.
:: Integrated solution encompassing.
:: Predictive model, data integration and transformation, reporting and dashboards and easy to use input/output API’s