Knowledge Transfer

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The world is constantly changing. It always will be. But recognizing the nature of these changes and acting accordingly can be very crucial for any business to survive the uncertainty that exists. And thus, thriving in today’s fast changing world undoubtedly requires competencies and skills, not just to survive but also to stand out. Being in a dynamic and highly competitive business world, there is a continuous need to self-evaluate and update in order to stay in the race. Here, the need for competency mapping arises followed by a series of steps determining and evaluating the skills that are required. Therefore, it can be a challenging task for organizations to identify and enhance their own forces such that they are enabled to handle the challenges in different working situations.

“The only thing worse than training employees and losing them is to not train them and keep them.” – Zig Ziglar


We at dataGridz, understand the importance of skills, the interconnections and the role they play in shaping the future of your organization to be the best possible fit for your business at par with the industry standards. Our training offerings do not match the usual trainings conducted by training institutes, these are not typical training sessions which follows a standard circulam pattern. However, what we offer is more around skill transfer, our trainers are full time technology architects who on a daily basis are engaged around solving business problems. Our belief is more on a hands-on approach than a pure theoretical. Most of our training assignments, are usually an extended engagement of our consultancy or technology delivery projects with our clients. Our domain of training offerings cover the following domains:
->Data & Analytics
->Data Security & Compliance