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Digitalization in every industry has become the core essence of how businesses across the globe operate. DataGridz is a digital technology company that specializes in creating digital products and solutions. We help business through our products, emerging technologies and integrated solutions to explore new strategies that inspire business growth and generate ROI for success. We work with partners and customers offering digital transformation solutions with primary focus on Big data, Cloud, Mobility, Devops, Real time analytics and IOT. Our expertise in data, insight and technology allows us to provide competitive business landscape in solving real problems to empower business and enrich consumer lives.

We aspire to commence new future by our efforts on digital products, solutions and services.



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Data and Infrastructure Management

  • Manage IT systems within a company, including hardware, software, and security systems
  • DR recommendations and setup
  • Maintenance and support services
  • Assess current level of Big Data readiness, technology evaluation and recommendation
  • Design, Architect, and help Maintain Enterprise solutions on the big data analytics platform
  • Cloud, virtualization setup and recommendations


  • Deploy, automate, maintain and manage cloud based production system
  • Solution-oriented guidance that enables practitioners to accelerate adoption through proven DevOps architectures and best practices
  • Design, build and optimize comprehensive automation systems that operate the business’s web, mobile, and data infrastructure platforms
  • Automation/configuration management using either Puppet, Chef or an equivalent
  • Support the transition of application and infrastructure services from development through to production
  • Suggest architecture improvements, recommend process improvements based on best practices and industry standards

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Cloud offerings

  • Design and implement enterprise infrastructure and platforms required for cloud computing
  • Install and configure the Cloud Management application for various providers
  • Cloud administration, security, monitor and analyze the suitable cloud model such as Saas, Iaas, Paas and cloud management services
  • Locations - Public, private and hybrid cloud setup
  • Provide support and technical governance, expertise related to cloud architectures, deployment and operations


  • Mobility UX/UI design, architect, development & security across platforms and devices
  • Administration, maintenance, customization and enhancement of mobile application as per business requirements
  • Design and develop mobile sdk and integrating mobile apps with web services and external APIs to make sales and enhance business growth
  • Mobile platform and architecture recommendations based on business requirements and industry best practices on iOS and Android platforms

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Internet of things (IoT)

  • Provide recommendations and solutions to derive the benefits of Machine-to-Machine/IoT technology
  • Architecture to provision efficient resource management for IoT applications with big data support and business intelligence
  • Connecting the sensors, devices and machines in the physical world to the Internet
  • Collect, process, and perform statistical analyses on the data generated by an IoT solution
  • Build end-to-end IoT solutions that solve real business problems

Data Visualization and Advance Analytics

  • Data discovery, Data mining and conduct the entire end-to-end implementation for an integrated analytics solution
  • Analytical templates for reports, dashboards, scorecards and high-end analytics
  • Accelerate business decision-making using advanced predictive modeling
  • Discover new opportunities for business growth with pricing elasticity for decision-making process that employs data, algorithms and software to make better and faster to derive optimal price
  • Market basket analysis to understand the cross-sell and upsell pattern along with the effect of promotions to bundle right product to achieve more profit and manage the discount portfolio
  • Customer Segmentation to tailor marketing efforts to various audience for establishing better customer relationships, improve customer service

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A real time disease surveillance solution for aqua farmers to monitor pond health statistics built on IOT capabilities to deliver information to users fingertips


dgTell Recommendation Engine

A unique recommendation engine built to act as an analytical backbone for marketing activities and helps stay close to consumers at all times







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